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Rooftop Prince

i finally finished watching Rooftop Prince…it was funny and good. I love the cast! What can I say, I just love Chi Su, Man Bo, and Yong Sol! They are freaking hilarious! The whole time traveling thing, it was well played. I didn’t like how Lee Gak was talking throughout the whole drama. I know, he’s suppose to talk like the prince but it just bothered me. Maybe because it was out of time?

I won’t say much about the chemistry of the characters, it was good overall. Se Na was…I just wanted to slap her, but she turned out good. Now, TaeMu, I just wanted to drop kick his ass! I really liked his character in It started with a Kiss but as Tea Mu, I just wanted to drop kick him!

Overall, I really liked this drama, at first I was skeptical about watching this drama but thanks to my little cousins, I watched it. NO REGRETS!